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This heaven surrounded by an attractive environment is an ideal place for a family rest. The largest natural beach in Tenerife, having two kilometres in length, is located in this area. Its white sand fills everyone with wonderment and its shallow waters, frequently lashed by the wind, although with less strength during the months of September and October, are an everlasting invitation to go windsurfing.

Visitors can get to El Médano directly by road from the Southern highway TF-1. It is located south of Tenerife, in Granadilla de Abona town. Reference should be made to the 166-hectare protected area called the Red Mountain, a reddish sand volcanic crater that has been nearly flattened by sea erosion, with one half emerged and the other half submerged. Those extreme aridity conditions make possible the presence of birds characteristic of eastern islands such as the “pájaro moro”, the “terrera marismeña”, the stone-curlew or the runner. Another protected area of 1 527 hectares is the Bare Mountain, a volcanic cone with a crater nearly one kilometre in diameter. It was formed thanks to successive explosions resulting from the violent vaporization of the sea waters. Here the visitor will find birds such as “pájaros moros”, “pardelas cenicientas” and “camineros”.


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